Why Your Business Can’t Make it Without a Business Loan

Why Your Business Can’t Make it Without a Business Loan

Taking out a business loan can give any business the financial legs to survive their early days after opening. Many small business owners have a sense of pride in the work they are doing and the fact that they are managing it on their own.

That healthy sense of pride is important, but shouldn’t get in the way of receiving the financial help you need.  While you may be tempted to go for it without a loan, it is in your best interests to get that help to start out so your business has a real chance to succeed.

Legal Fees

If you are new to the world of running your own business, you probably have done some research to see what work you need to do and the finances you need to secure. But many first-time business owners don’t take into account the legal fees that are needed in order to get your business started legally. This is a place where money from a loan can go a long way and help you to improve the outlook of your business from the very beginning. It’s important to start your business with all legal requirements covered, so there are no problems further down the road.

Office Space Lease

Your business will also require some sort of space to work in, and that means that most small business owners need to lease office space. Renting this kind of space is expensive and can eat up the bulk of your budget before you know it. Getting a loan is useful in this regard to help you offset those costs and keep your business running smoothly in a workplace that suits your needs. As you choose a workplace, think about how you will be using the space and make sure there is room for you to complete all of your essential tasks.


You will need to add equipment for your business throughout the course of running it, but especially at the very beginning, you will need to purchase or rent the bulk of your equipment upfront. All of that adds up to a huge expense that makes it difficult for your business to succeed if you haven’t planned for it effectively.

With a business loan, however, you can easily purchase the things you need to get your business running effectively. Of course, think carefully about which pieces of equipment you need to purchase and what would be better to simply rent.

Office Utilities

Utilities are another big expense that is easy to overlook until it has come upon you. And it is a good use of a business loan to take care of those costs, especially when you are first starting out. There are also many things you can do to improve the efficiency of your office and make it easier to keep your utility costs low.

Tinting your office windows reduces your electric bill and helps reduce glare from the sun. You can also invest in technology that can reduce your costs over time and help you to maintain your budget more efficiently.

Insurance Costs

Every business needs insurance to be able to run smoothly and without fear of liability. If you are running a business without insurance, you can be personally liable for things that happen in the workplace, and those kinds of expenses can bankrupt a new business.

Making sure that you have all the insurance coverage you need will help you to more effectively protect yourself and your business from the kinds of situations that are bound to happen. And with your loan covering those costs, you will be more able to spend your budget wisely in other areas.

Processing Fees 

Many business owners don’t realize that there may be fees attached to the payments they make to their employees and even vendors. Taking care of those fees can really add up over time and if you aren’t prepared for those costs, it can be a major ding to your business.

The more you are able to cover the set-up costs and transaction fees, the better the mobile card-reading technology you can purchase. Using a system to handle the transaction and per-transaction fees will simplify them with flat fees you can handle. Do your research and find the best and most affordable way to take care of your processing needs.

Benefit Programs

When you have a business with employees, you also need to make sure that you are providing them with benefits. Not only is this legally required depending on the size of your business, but it is also an important way to bring in new employees and have great retention records. But those benefits do come with a price tag that can be hard to account for if you aren’t budgeting appropriately.

It’s important that you are choosing benefits that are within your means but also meaningful to your employees, and some businesses simply don’t have the budget on their own. Investing in your employees is a great way to get them invested in your business, however, so obtaining a loan at the beginning to cover this kind of cost will mitigate the stress and high demand a startup often puts on its employees.

Transportation Costs

Many businesses also require transportation, but company cars can be a huge expense when you are just starting. Using loans carefully to cover your company vehicle costs will be an important investment in your business’s future. Also, there is a way to deduct the costs of company vehicles through the process of depreciation on your taxes.

Along with a business loan, taking advantage of tax deductions is another essential part of helping your business to get off to the best possible start. However you can manage it, a business that requires transportation should get it with as little cost as possible to your start-up budget.


Getting a business loan can feel like a difficult decision to make, especially as there is risk involved in any business venture. However, bigger risk also means bigger rewards if your business plan is well-thought-out and executed with precision. A loan is one of the most important tools you can use to mitigate the starting costs of your new small business.

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