The Benefits Of Using Public Stock As Collateral For A Business Loan

The Benefits Of Using Public Stock As Collateral For A Business Loan

Whether you’re running a start-up or have been a business owner for some time, there are several reasons why you need financial backing. It could either be a form of support, revamp, or build your business from scratch as an entrepreneur. 

Getting a business loan is a popular option, but approaching the issue could be challenging. These challenges are quite understandable because there are several potential pitfalls of obtaining a loan. For this reason, navigating a business loan is something you should do with caution and enough information. This article will discuss how public stock may be one of the best options in the market presently. 

How Public Stock Works 

Public stocks often originate from a need to raise money for large investments. Many new companies opt for it in a bid to raise money rather than borrow. When your company starts, the new stock is almost worth nothing. However, as the company grows and profit rolls in, the worth and value increase. Then, the company can decide to go public to make even more money. It means that the general public can buy shares from the stock. Hence, the company shares a percentage of its company with the buyers. 


Stock Value Determination 

The value of a public stock is usually based on the amount investors are willing to pay per share. That means the price is determined by how much each investor will make in profit, your company’s present earnings, and its potential for success in the future. For instance, if a company does not have much to hold onto, the chances of its stock prices remaining low is high—ultimately making buyers less interested. 


What Makes Public Stock Secured Loans Different 

Now, let’s talk about stock loans. Stock loans are also known as securities lending. It is the process of lending money on the stock owned by a publicly traded company. Granted that you already went public, a stock loan is a kind of loan that helps you retain a percentage of your stock while borrowing against it. 

For many reasons, stock loans are more appealing than traditional business loans. However, what makes them different is shares of a stock are used as collateral to secure a loan. When using stock as collateral, the lender uses the highest value of the stock since they are easier to sell off if the borrower is unable to pay off. 

The Benefits Of Public Stock Loans 

Since the value of stock used to secure a loan is a vital characteristic when considering a stock loan, here are some benefits: 


When you use traditional credit-based methods, you should expect strict restrictions. For instance, if you’re borrowing for a repair, the money you get must go into repair. However, for public stock loans, there is more flexibility. 

The borrower is free to use the money for several things, especially when they have many expenses to cover. There are no penalty or loan fees either—you could defer the first payment depending on the timeline and the lenders. 


Value Maximization 

Credit-based loans operate a system that falls around 50% of the stock value. However, public stock loans can offer you up to 80% of the stock value. If we compare the numbers, the difference is staggering, especially for business owners that need large sums of money. Ultimately, this loan helps you maximize the stock value. 


Lower Interest Rates 

The interest rate in financial bank loans is subject to change, especially when there is a fluctuation in the market value. As a result, it could be high or low. The change happens unexpectedly and is bound to catch borrowers unaware. It is not the same with public stock loans. 


In addition to the fact that the interest rates are generally lower, the rates are fixed for the loan’s lifetime. It means that you can always estimate how much you’re expected to turn over every month. These fixed rates help you remain true to the commitment and keeps you prepared. 


How It Affects Your Business 

Public stock loans are generally regarded as a low-cost process. Therefore, they are ideal for small business organizations. Each eligible borrower could seek a business loan as an individual investor or joint investor. Hence, the number of loans in stock could vary. As such, it is also great for large business projects. You grow your business. 


Luckily, the Federal Reserve’s Primary Dealer Credit Facility provides collateral for loans on short notice. It’s a win-win for any business that remains true to the terms of the agreement. 



It is not news that public stock is a worthy investment. Financial big shots like Matt McCall advise that diversification in your investment portfolio is bound to help the business’ growth. 


Public loan stocks put the business at a tremendous advantage when compared to standard business loans. As expected, you need time and the right information before you proceed. Do in-depth research, and choose what works best. 


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