The 8 Best Finance Podcasts to Help You Achieve Financial Independence

The 8 Best Finance Podcasts to Help You Achieve Financial Independence


More and more of us are looking to become more financially independent and manage budgets in a world where everything feels like it may be just out of reach.  Not all have the time to read up on the subject or know where to start to become more financially free.  Podcasts, therefore, are a handy way to slip some financial education into your day. Here are the best 8 finance podcast to help you achieve financial independence.


1. The Dave Ramsey Podcast

You cannot begin a list of financial podcasts without mentioning ‘The Dave Ramsey Podcast’.  The financial expert behind the “7 baby steps” method to debt freedom provides listeners with straightforward advice.  His tough-love approach to the stories from listeners doesn’t shy away from congratulating those making good steps forward and letting you know where you are going wrong.  It is a good starting point for anyone looking to start taking charge of their finances.

Listen to ‘The Dave Ramsey Podcast’ here


2. How to Money

Joel and Matt take the listener through actionable ways to budget and manage your finances in everyday life.  They provide a casual, easy to listen to approach on even the serious topics, making it feel more achievable for everyman.

Listen to ‘How to Money’ here


3. Afford Anything


If you are looking for something with interviews with experts on financial independence as well as answers on how to be more conscious of your spending, then ‘Afford Anything’ by Paula Pant is the right podcast for you. The extensive backlog of episodes will likely hold an answer to questions you may have and allow you the free reign of picking a starting point that feels workable to you.


Listen to ‘Afford Anything’ here


4. Smart Passive Income


This podcast by Pat Flynn looks at different ways of working to make money without having a normal 9 to 5 job.  “Covering blogging, podcasting, and affiliate marketing as new ways to make passive income interspersed with stories and information from business leaders who are now influencers.  Perfect for those looking to approach money and work differently,” says Tony C. Smith, a finance blogger at EliteAssignmentHelp and Essay Services.


Listen to ‘Smart Passive Income’ here


5. Money for the Rest of Us


If you are looking to start an investment portfolio then ‘Money for the Rest of Us’ should be your go-to.  Covering how money systems work, how to manage risks, and setting investment goals is the perfect starting point.   J. David Stein combines academic research with personal stories providing a well-rounded approach in a format that is easy to fit into your day sitting at around 25 minutes an episode.


Listen to ‘Money for the Rest of Us’ here


6. Death, Sex & Money


If two things are sure in this world it is death and taxes. Taking this adage to heart, Anna Sale provides a look at a variety of money issues including interviews with others about real money situations they have found themselves in.  From interviewing former debt collectors, looking at the uptake in side gigs, and the overhanging stress of student debt, this podcast provides an honest look at the real world of money and debt.


Listen to Death, Sex & Money here


7. This is Uncomfortable


Like ‘Death, Sex & Money’, ‘This is Uncomfortable’ covers those topics in finance we may not want to discuss.  Going between teaching you how to politely avoid splitting unfair bills and the more serious topic of financial inequality, Reema Khrais provides stories that are very human and relatable.  This is another podcast you can easily slot into your day with 20-minute episodes, though they are potentially easily binge-able.


Listen to ‘This is Uncomfortable’ here


8. Couple Money


While most of these podcasts cover how to manage your finances, ‘Couple Money’ looks at was of navigating finances as a couple.   It covers a wide variety of day-to-day financial topics, with a focus on how to get you and your partner on the same page.  “Ellie Martinez interviews financial experts as well as couples to provide a realistic view of what co-managing finance looks like, including all the unpleasant details.  Perfect for those who are tired of arguing with their partner about what money should be spent on,” explains Valerie A. Johns, a writer at Custom Writing and Reviewed.


Listen to ‘Couple Money’ here


Best Finance Podcasts 

Whether you listen to one or more of these podcasts you can see that there is a wide variety of options available to cover any topic you want to be more educated on in terms of finance.   At the very least they are worth giving a try.  Happy Listening.



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