Skills Every Software Engineer You Hire Should Have

Skills Every Software Engineer You Hire Should Have

Software engineering is a broad category encompassing many aspects of software-adjacent work. Ideally, you should tailor the requirements of a certain position to the exact tasks they will be doing. But regardless of what their specific tasks will be, here are some basic skills every software engineer should be expected to have. 

Full-Stack Development

This one is a must-have. Most technology and coding these days revolve around the internet and social media–unless you work at a tech company that occupies a specific niche outside of this. In a nutshell, full-stack development is the entire process of creating a web application. 

That means brainstorming, planning, coding, testing, and implementing every step of the way. The vast majority of people who can do full-stack development will know Javascript, HTML, CSS, and other such common coding languages. If your job candidate cannot do full-stack development it is likely they are not a qualified software engineer.

Cloud Software

Cloud software is a relatively new kind of technology–at the very least, new in its widespread use and popularity. The last ten to fifteen years have seen an explosion of global corporations putting cloud systems to good use. Google Drive is one of the biggest examples of this. Cloud software is so prominent that some people work with it exclusively, calling themselves cloud engineers instead of software engineers. 

But even casual software engineers should at least be familiar with cloud technology. Some software like Kubernetes make it easy to manage cloud projects, but you shouldn’t be entirely dependent on them. Make sure your applicants are at least somewhat experienced with this before hiring.

Initiative to Learn On Their Own

That’s right—while there is a huge list of technology-related skills that every software engineer should absolutely know, the most valuable attribute is the initiative to learn. An individual who will actively seek out the knowledge of cutting-edge changes in their field–let alone their workplace–is invaluable. The issue with software engineering is that the field is constantly reinventing itself. What is important to know right now might very well be obsolete in five, ten, or fifteen years. An engineer with a thirst for learning and bettering their skills is the kind of engineer you should want no matter the position.

Make sure to be familiar with the details of the position you are listing. When vetting candidates, look for people who are best suited to those specific tasks. But it is also critical that you make sure that every software engineer thoroughly understands the basics.

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