How to Bring More Positive Attention to Your Business

How to Bring More Positive Attention to Your Business

Your business name and logo should evoke positive responses from people. That’s based in large part on the quality of your products or services, but it also hinges on a favorable reputation among your customers, associates, and the public in general. To bring more positive attention to your business, there are several actions you can take that showcase its best sides.

Partner With Other Businesses

Partnering with other businesses can allow you to benefit from their positive assets as you learn, grow, and expand your customer base. Select a business that offers complementary products or services, that serve the same target market, or are in the same geographical location.

You may agree to refer customers to one another or offer coupons and discounts for the other’s business. It’s also beneficial when businesses work together in a promotional event. This allows you to save costs on expenses such as advertising and rentals, share resources and personnel, and generate ideas. A successful event will bring positive attention to both businesses involved.

Create Your Own Media

Rather than wait for coverage by local media, which may or may not be positive, create your own media stream. This gives you the advantage of having complete control over your public image and messaging. Social media is effective if you keep it visual and simple, and be sure to use hashtags.

Video is especially popular these days. You can make videos that show how to use your products, showcase special sales, or introduce key staff. Keep videos short, to two minutes or less, and add closed captions for those who wish to watch without sound. Be sure to include buttons on popular social media so people can easily share the videos.

Donate to Charities

In donating to charities, you can help others while bringing positive attention to your business. Whether it’s a monetary donation, a donation in kind, or volunteer work, contributing to good causes reflects back on your business and its ethics. Your customers and affiliates will understand that you are a responsible and caring business.

It’s important to choose your charities wisely. Staying within your local community is always a good idea, especially if that is where most of your customers come from. For an online business, select global organizations. You’ll also want to steer clear of groups that may have a political bent or support controversial issues. Include news of your donation and a link on your website to encourage more contributions.

Host an Event

Hosting an event is a great way to give your business public visibility and expand your reach to potential clients. The event could be held at your business, such as an open house or an exclusive sneak-peak at a new product. For larger events, you could plan a golf outing or plan a party at an interesting venue.

Whatever you decide on, you will make food available. This is especially important for business-to-business events and those involving present and new clients. Some events call for a touch of elegance, which can be achieved through decorations, table settings, and food presentations. Creative plating, tiered stands, and garnishes help. For example, bamboo skewers add visual appeal to your food and impress your guests.

Sponsor Activities

Kids’ activities such as sports and band are always in need of sponsors. Your sponsorship helps kids and their families by reducing their expenses and also creates lasting and favorable attention for your business. In sponsoring a local youth sports team, your business name may be in their team name, on their jerseys, or on signs on the field. This builds brand awareness in a positive way.

There are also other opportunities. You may also sponsor a fund drive for a special trip or tournament or to buy new equipment. School arts programs are always looking for sponsors and will list them in concert bills, booklets, yearbooks, and other publications. And local activities are often covered by local media, so you’ll get additional positive exposure.

Network Effectively

Effective networking can elevate your public profile by creating positive impressions with others. If you regularly attend local and regional networking events, you will become a familiar and trusted figure who is knowledgeable, helpful, and reliable. Good relationships with other businesses can lead to partnerships and affiliations that are mutually beneficial. Another networking activity that can make a positive impression involves reaching out to assist new businesses or individuals just entering the field. In mentoring entrepreneurs, you can share your expertise and build a reputation as a leader.

Engage Online

Almost every business has a website and social media accounts, but not all of them truly engage people. Their web content is static and their social media posts are dull notices that don’t invite responses. Visuals such as photos and videos attract attention, on the other hand, and they don’t have to be business-related.

The old saying about everyone loving cat videos is still true. On social media, you can craft your own positive narrative while not being entirely business-centered. Highlight the achievements of employees and of people in your community. Tell stories of who you are as a business, as an employer, and as a contributing member of society.

Participate in Business Expos

Your presence at business expos and trade sends the message that you are a leading force in your field. For all the benefits, including increasing sales, networking, assessing the competition, and generating sales leads, attracting positive attention is among the most important.

Your participation connects your name and your brand with an entertaining event. Events like trade show often attract media coverage, and not only with conventional media like newspapers, magazines, and TV. Nearly every business as well as attendees will be taking photos and videos to post to their websites and accounts. You may even want to live stream from the event.

There are numerous ways to bring positive attention to your business. Whatever you decide to, be proactive in building a favorable impression. These are the building blocks of gaining a respectable reputation with your business associates, customers, and the general public.  

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