Position Your Brand Effectively in 2022 Using Our Exclusive Research on Brand Positioning

Position Your Brand Effectively in 2022 Using Our Exclusive Research on Brand Positioning

Branding and good positioning are the most successful strategies for attracting the attention of potential consumers and convincing them that your items or services are fantastic and can be trusted.

Your aim while building your brand is to give your firm a voice and convey your individuality to your target audience. And that continues to be, by far, the most effective strategy for engaging your audience and enhancing the perception of your brand.

But to correctly convey your company’s brand, you must first fully comprehend the significance of brand positioning and how it can influence how your primary audience sees your products. Understanding this can assist you in developing a great brand.

In this study, we looked at how customers reacted to businesses positioned with a historied tone versus those with current and modern tones.

Why Was This Study Conducted?

We wanted to discover what types of businesses specific clients prefer to buy from and how this varies by age group.

You must know that the ability to tie your company’s name and other brand features to the demands of your customers will improve and boost the likelihood of your venture’s success.

To reach the study’s goal, we asked American customers whether they would rather do business with well-known, long-established companies or with young, up-and-coming ones.

Why Did We Ask This Crucial Question?

Every entrepreneur ought to realize that choosing the right tone is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll have to make when beginning or rebranding your company, as it influences brand positioning a lot.

Understanding your target audience and the identity of your organization is essential for developing a distinct brand tone.

And, just as every entrepreneur must invest time in generating innovative business names, whether by brainstorming or by working with a company offering a great business name service, you must devote time to picking the suitable tone since it will strengthen your brand’s positioning and impact how the public views you.

Your selected tone has an impact on both your client’s interests and the reputation of your firm. You cannot afford to ignore this since it is vital to the growth of your brand image.

Our Survey’s Seven Key Findings

To fully comprehend our findings, we divided the clients we polled into age groups. And while the results of our poll were hardly earth-shattering, the comments we received were fascinating.

Here’s what we learned after polling 301 people.

  • According to the study, customers under the age of thirty are more likely to be attracted to new and modern businesses than to older and more established businesses.


Position Your Brand

Courtesy: Squadhelp

  • Customers aged 35 to 45 are evenly split between modern and traditional brands, making them less likely to select one over the other. Both options are acceptable to this demographic.

Position Your Brand research

Courtesy: Squadhelp

  • Judging from our results, those aged 45 to 54 choose more traditional, well-known, and established firms.

Positioning Your Brand

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  • The distinction between the two alternatives is most obvious among people aged 55 to 65, who prefer classic, historical, and trustworthy businesses.

brand research

Courtesy: Squadhelp

  • Males, according to the study, exhibited no preference for either trendy or vintage brands.

business branding

Courtesy: Squadhelp

  • Females, on the other hand, prefer long-standing and trusted companies over younger and inventive ones.

business branding research

Courtesy: Squadhelp

  • 148 of the 301 respondents selected new, contemporary brands, while 153 preferred historical and traditional brands.

traditional branding

Courtesy: Squadhelp

Based on our results, you might give your brand a modern or classic tone, as long as it corresponds to the needs of your target audience.

How to Put the Survey Results to Use

Creating a great corporate brand requires time and effort. As you’ve seen, the simplest way to do it right is to conduct comprehensive research on your target audience.

This survey helps to clearly show what road to take when choosing the tone your brand name, value proposition, advertisements, and so on should convey, as well as the audience you should expect if you use it.

At first glance of our survey, you’d notice that younger clients are drawn in if you present a contemporary tone, while the older the customers get, the opposite becomes true. 

In other words, if your company makes use of a vibrant, modern, and inventive brand image, you will draw in younger clients, while older clients will be drawn in if your company has a strong historical identity.

Understanding this could save you time and money spent on managing or correcting errors resulting from the lack of the knowledge provided here that is needed to establish the brand tone that will appeal to your target audience.

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