Major Business Expenses You Can Write Off

Major Business Expenses You Can Write Off

Running a business is a lot of work. There is a wide variety of expenses and taxes to keep track of. Luckily though, you can cut down on expenses by writing off some major business expenses. Writing off business expenses allows you to pay less for taxes and save more of your personal money.

Travel Expenses

Business trips allow you to meet with clients far away, build strong professional relations, and do possible research and outreach for your company. These trips can be quite expensive since you are paying for transportation, food, and other expenses. Business trips can easily be more expensive than regular trips since they are not typically planned out far in advance. Because you often schedule business trips relatively short out and may need to conform to time constraints such as work meetings, conferences, or luncheons, limited fare options can get quite pricey. In order to write off business travel expenses, make sure to hold onto receipts in order to submit expense claims. Expense claims are used to make sure only legitimate business expenses are being written off, protecting your company against financial fraud.

Property Maintenance

Another legitimate major business expense is property maintenance. Your business needs to be properly maintained to ensure safety and reduce liability. For example, old or faulty electrical wiring can be hard to identify quickly but can lead to dangerous shorting or explosions. If you know you have old or faulty wiring on your property, rewiring your electrical system can make your commercial property safer.

Technology Upgrades

Technology is constantly evolving. Companies typically come out with new products or upgrades for their applications annually or even more frequently. These newer upgrades are less prone to glitching, acquiring bugs, or malfunctioning in other ways. Upgrading your company’s technology frequently is necessary to remain competitive and compatible with other companies in the modern technological world. Having upgraded technology also allows you to keep your business running as smoothly as possible, so it is definitely worth spending on.

When you are not thinking about business expenses you can write off, expenses and taxes for your company can be very overwhelming. However, there are very legitimate costs that you can be writing off. Consider what things you are paying for that improve your business’ effectiveness. Major expenses from things as noticeable as taking a business trip to a different country to things as invisible as software updates can add up to quite a bit!

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