Is Your Business Ready For Franchising?

Is Your Business Ready For Franchising?

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business, and all your hard work is now paying off. As you look to expand, it’s always a good idea to consider franchising it. Many businesses can really benefit from this, while others won’t get any benefit from doing so. Here’s whether you should franchise your business, and whether it’s ready for you to do so. 

Understanding Franchising 

Before you even think about franchising, you need to understand what it’s all about. What is franchising, and is it right for you? Essentially, franchising takes everything recognizable about your business, from the brand name to how you operate, and teaches someone else how to run it. You’re letting someone else copy your business model so they can open their own branch, at a new location. 

There is more to it than that, but that’s the bare basics. Once you find someone who wants to take on the franchise, they will sign a franchise agreement with you. This will be legally binding, and you’ll need to fulfill some legal needs, such as providing a Franchise Disclosure Agreement to your franchisee. This isn’t where your responsibility ends. You’ll be responsible for the training and supporting your franchisees in the long term. It’s not something that you can sell on and forget, you will need to put in the work to make it profitable. 


Should You Franchise Your Business?

‘Not every business is right for franchising’ says Rico Gilbert, a project manager from Boom Essays and Essayroo. ‘You’ll need to consider whether you’re ready for franchising. To be ready for franchising, your goals need to align with the benefits that franchising can bring you. For example, do you want to invest your time and money in franchising? Are you able to take the time to learn about franchising? Can you see yourself getting into the new business of franchising, which is probably different from what you’re doing now? If so, then you may be ready to franchise your business and help it expand. 

When To Franchise Your Business

It’s important to know when you should be franchising your business. Here are some questions to ask yourself, to help you see whether the time is right.

 Is the business successful?

‘Success’ is going to mean different things to different businesses, but by and large, you should be able to have proven results in your field. If you can apply your tactics and get good results and sales week after week, then you’re ready to get started. 

Is the business scalable?

‘It’s important to know if your business is scalable’ says Shae McCall, from Paper Fellows and the State Of Writing. ‘Can your business be easily duplicated by others?’ You need to know if you can train others to run an identical business and whether you can put systems in place to support them as they set up the new location. If you can, then the business is scalable. 

Do you have a budget?

Creating a new franchise will cost money, so you need to have the budget needed to do so. Essentially you’re starting a new business, and you’ll need to treat it as such. You’ll need to find out how much you need to launch a franchise system, cover legal fees, and so on.

Do you need to protect your brand?

One of the biggest assets you have when creating a franchise is your brand. You’ll need to ensure that it’s properly protected, so you can control the business’ image? You’ll need to do things like register your brand with the USPTO, control your brand name’s URL, and find out if any other brands have a similar name to yours. 

Can you commit to franchising?

Finally, you need to understand if you can commit to franchising your business. It’s going to take a lot of time and effort, and that’s something you need to be able to commit to the endeavor. If you can do this, you’re ready to get started. There’s a lot to consider when franchising your business, but all that hard work can really pay off. Follow this guide to see if you’re ready to franchise your business.


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