How Much Would It Cost to Hire Delivery Drivers for My Business?

The Cost to Hire a Delivery Driver for My Business

Choosing to hire delivery drivers for your business can be a great investment that can help you reach many more customers. The use of delivery drivers is also a great way to improve customer service and allow you to serve a wide range of clients in your area. Understanding the average cost of hiring delivery drivers is always important to ensure that it makes sense for your business and that you never go over budget. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re thinking of hiring professional delivery drivers for your company.

What are the types of delivery drivers?

There are several types of delivery drivers, ranging from full-time package and parcel carriers to flower delivery drivers and mail carriers. Here are some of the most well-known delivery driver careers. 

  • Food delivery drivers: Food delivery drivers deliver everything from pizza and sandwiches to catered meals for offices and events. Food delivery drivers work as full-time employees for businesses such as pizza shops and food markets, and they work as freelance drivers for app companies that offer food and grocery delivery. 
  • Package delivery drivers: Package delivery drivers are generally part-time or full-time employees who work for commercial shipping companies. They deliver large and small packages ranging from important documents to furniture, many of which require a signature. 
  • Courier: Couriers are typically employed by private businesses that offer shipping and delivery services for important documents when time is of the essence. Couriers are responsible for delivering contracts, checks, and legal documents. 
  • Flower delivery driver: Flower delivery drivers work for florists as both freelancers and full-time employees. They deliver flowers and gifts to local recipients. While flowers can be delivered year-round, a florist delivery driver tends to be busiest during the holidays.

Fuel Prices

One of the main costs of hiring delivery drivers is the price of fuel. The costs of fuel are always changing so it might be cheap for a while before the price begins to rise. Taking into account these pricing fluctuations is key in helping you set a budget. The price for fuel is also dependent on the length of each route for your delivery drivers. You can save a lot of money on fuel with shorter or otherwise more strategic routes.

In Case of Accident

An auto accident can happen at any time and cost you a lot of money. These accidents can run the gamut from a minor fender bender to a serious wreck. The average cost of an auto accident involving property damage is $7,500, while a nonfatal, disabling injury due to an auto accident is over $60,000. Be advised that companies owe a duty of care to the public and should always focus on safety. Pressuring your drivers to make deliveries as quickly as possible can cost you more money in the end if it leads to accidents.

Check Your State’s Labor Laws

Taking the extra time to check out your state’s labor laws is important to help you avoid any violations. For example, many state laws make it difficult to hire a delivery driver as an independent contractor. Be sure to research any age-related labor laws if your business has any teen employees. Always verifying these kinds of laws is essential before you hire any drivers for your company.

Understanding the cost of hiring delivery drivers for your business is always a good idea before you make any final decisions. It is always essential to take into account fuel prices, the cost of potential accidents, and your state’s labor laws for hiring delivery drivers. Setting up a budget beforehand can also help you keep costs to a minimum. Following these simple tips can play a central role in helping your business become successful by using delivery drivers.

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