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If approved, you will be able to draw funds at the click of a button as early as the next business day.

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No fees to apply. Pay only for what you are going to use. Pay off your loan early and save more money.

How It Works?

A business line of credit provided by Capital for Business is based on the revolving credit. That means you can use the funds over and over again if you meet our pay-off requirements and get approved for the loan.

To get approved for our business line of credit, your enterprise has to be in good standing for at least one year. If so, it will take you less than 3 minutes to get approved. All you need is to connect your accounting software or business bank account to let us analyze your business situation.

Once approved, you will be able to draw loan funds at any time. They will be available for you as early as the next business day.

Each week, you will need to pay off the funds in fixed installments. The more you repay, the bigger amount of money (exclusive of fees) will be available to you again. Plus, if you pay off your loan early, we will waive all the remaining fees.

What is a business line of credit good for?

  • Having a business line of credit provides you with the extra flexibility and peace of mind when it comes to injecting money into your daily operations. It helps you avoid downtime and make sure things are running smoothly no matter what.
  • As a small business owner, you can benefit from this loan solution in a variety of ways. Now you can grow your enterprise and expand your team without having to actually take a loan and go through a time-consuming application process.
  • A line of credit gives you access to funds that you need to keep your business develop steadily. It’s like having a savings account that you can use whenever it’s time to handle the ebbs and flows of your business cycle.

The uses of the line of credit funds are virtually limitless. Now you can easily deal with unexpected expenses down the road, enter a busy season, finance your expansion, and everything in between.

Hire and train new employees

Buy inventory

Or renovate your location

Working Capital

Cash flow

Types of business credit lines

1. Unsecured line of credit. This option is one of the most sought-after loan solutions since it doesn’t require collateral. That said, its borrowing limits are typically smaller while its interest rates are higher as compared to a secured line of credit.

2. Secured line of credit. What makes this option advantageous for business owners is that it is available at a lower rate. Given that it is riskier for lenders, it needs to be secured by collateral, though.

Typically, the loan can be backed by capital, inventory, or accounts receivable which may be seized if you are unable to pay it off. Before applying, it’s recommended to consider such factors as the state of your business and the forecast for the coming year to find out what option will be your best fit.

Make the right business decision and apply for a line of credit with Capital for Business

What Our Clients Say

They advocated so brilliantly for my account and are a huge reason for my renewed success with Capital For Business.

Jonathan N. Craig

a trusted partner when your business does not work properly.

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If you have business problems you have to be part of your recovery plan.

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They helped me with a business loan and now we’re thriving 🙂 thank you!

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Quite a pleasureable experience!

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I had a really great experience getting funding for my business through Capital for business . Would highly recommend it.

Aaron S. Devlin

this review wants to be of benefit to those who have trouble with their business and to trust their services.

Lillie Martinez

Your staff and business associates were professional and efficient. I was treated with respect and they took the time to understand my business needs.

Trammy R. Young

Jeff is absolutely the best. We are a small company and have been in business for less than 2 years. We reached out because we needed capital to give
us that extra boost to make more money. We received the application right away and as soon as I sent it back he worked on a funding solution for our company. We had the money in our account the same day we signed off on the loan. Thank you!!! will recommend.
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Smaat Money

I do truly recommend them. I enjoyed working with them, easy to talk too and they explain all the process for what you need.

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It's such a professional company. I enjoyed the collaboration we had

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Great experience. Great customers services. Great over all.

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They give their best to give your perfect solution. Fast, easy and without a lot of papers involved.

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The thing that impressed me the most is that they try to find the best solution for you and they explain it to you step by step.

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perfect for small business. They are trustworthy.

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Their loan saved my business. Thank you so much!

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The greatest help for the small businesses community.

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The thing I appreciate most about this company is that it's moral and client oriented.

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Mark G

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