Best Small Business Opportunities in Green Construction

Best Small Business Opportunities in Green Construction

Are you committed to keeping the environment clean for future generations? If you’re thinking about starting a new construction business and need some ideas for a small business to start or something to add to your current gig, we’ve gathered up some of the best small business opportunities in green construction we could find.

The United States Department of Labor predicts there will be approximately 90,900 jobs in the environmental scientists and specialists sector, meaning the niche had a 7.8% growth rate. With more attention on reducing carbon footprints and using renewable energy, now is the time to try one of these small business ideas in green construction.

1. Start Energy Auditing

Since there is more awareness about the size of your carbon footprint, homeowners and businesses seek energy audits to figure out where they can reduce usage. Building performance professionals evaluate the building envelope, HVAC system, and other elements to identify energy-efficiency improvements for their clients.

Do you have experience working in the home performance industry? The costs to start up an energy auditing brand are minimal. Most of the cost involves training and a few small pieces of work equipment to help ascertain where energy is going to waste.

2. Offer Alternative Energy Options

Every homebuilder today should look at what green building options are available to their clients. Familiarize yourself with tax rebates and special programs meant to incentivize people to add solar panels and other renewable energy sources to their homes.

On average, it takes most homeowners around eight years to see a return on their investment in solar. However, this varies depending on what area of the country the home is in. Rolling those costs into a new construction loan makes the hit to the homeowner’s pocketbook seem less intimidating.

3. Take Landscaping Green

Those in the landscaping business can go with eco-friendly options. Whether you create a complete outdoor wildlife retreat for a local manufacturing facility or help the local homeowner make sure water runoff isn’t a problem, you can turn your business into something green.

Landscaping businesses may be one of the easiest ways to get into the eco-friendly aspects of the home industry. Homeowners and commercial clients alike need your expertise to navigate stormwater runoff, plant selection, and new initiatives like green roofs and rain gardens.

4. Perfect LEED Certification

A recent World Green Building Trends SmartMarket report showed many of the upcoming jobs in construction will be in green buildings. Knowing how to build LEED-certified structures may help you land jobs over the competition. The details are pretty involved, but with a bit of studying, they’ll become second nature. Green construction businesses will be well served by investing time and resources into LEED certification.

5. Become a Wind Turbine Technician

As wind turbines and other alternative energy sources become more popular, the need for repairs will increase. Wind turbines have birds, drones, and other things interrupt their cycles, and someone has to know how to reset them and get them working again. Companies and individuals don’t want to pay thousands of extra dollars for alternative energy they can’t use. Technicians will keep things humming, and you can charge a lot for your more specialized knowledge.

Green Construction Opportunities for Small Businesses

Think about every supporting business you know within the construction industry right now. There are ample growth opportunities depending on your experiences and interests. As the world continues to change, green construction opportunities are only expected to grow.

You can always add non-green features on the side to keep money coming in, but continue to educate yourself on up-and-coming alternative energies simultaneously.

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Evelyn Long is a writer and editor focused on home building and construction. She is the co-founder of Renovated, a web magazine for the home industry.


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