5 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs DLP

5 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs DLP

Data loss is an event that must be prevented at all costs. If security breaches in the past few decades such as WannaCry have shown businesses anything, it’s that they severely overestimate how secure their current security network is. With the astonishingly high amount of data that businesses are processing daily, data loss prevention is becoming more essential by the day.

Today, this article will be discussing all the benefits of having DLP (Data Loss Prevention) tools at your disposal. DLP keeps track of all your data and makes sure everything is where it needs to be. They not only double as surveillance for your data but also its enforcers. To prevent future data loss, start implementing DLP into your company’s structure.


Enhanced Monitoring

With DLP, you are better equipped to handle the surveillance of all the happenings in your company. From the mundane management of leaves to classified project files, all of this is now easier to keep track of with DLP tools. The importance of this feature is it lets you see in real-time if anything suspicious is happening.

For example, you notice that some emails are flooding in from a specific source and are sending the exact same attachment to all your employees. It has no association with any of your company’s partners despite having the same “email”. It’s likely a spam attack and DLP allows you to block that sender moving forward, as well as all similar entities.


Having a refined array of DLP tools at your disposal significantly reduces operations costs for your company’s security. Oftentimes, a small IT team is enough to manage hundreds of employees if your DLP tools are set up properly. In addition to the savings on manpower, DLP tools help you pass compliance regulations.

Several cybersecurity requirements have been passed all around the world, and inspections could cost you a hefty sum if you do not pass their rigorous testing.  Lastly, having effective DLP tools in place will reduce the chances of a malware attack. A single malware attack could cost your organization thousands of dollars at minimum, and millions at worst. 


With the cloud becoming more and more used by different companies, it has become the target for many would-be hackers. When the data is in the cloud, only authorized users are allowed to access them. A lot of cloud solutions outright remove classified data while it’s on the cloud and only return it when it is back on a safe machine.

DLP technology also ensures that your data is not only safe but that if it gets stolen, they won’t be able to use it. Think of DLP as a safe within a vault. Even if they get through your first gate, the hackers will have to spend time encrypting data, which gives you more time to deal with them.

Safe Communication

Using DLP for Slack and other communication platforms ensures that everything you say within a company is a safe space. Mistakes are inevitable, so having a safety net of DLP tools helps a lot against malware attacks on your communications platforms. Since most business is conducted through these channels, these should be the first to have DLP implemented in them.

Several of the worst malware attacks on big conglomerate companies are from simple attacks such as the ILOVEYOU virus that were sent out through email. That virus isn’t even bad by today’s standards, but the complete lack of security against it opened the eyes of everyone to how dangerous malware can be.

Employee Conduct

An often overlooked aspect of DLP is the prevention of bad habits from your employees. Insider threats aren’t always malicious. Sometimes, an employee might just have not paid attention during a cybersecurity meeting. DLP tools let you know the culprit behind a potential security breach and let you reach out to them with a warning.

For example, some employees might be sending very sensitive data to their personal email. It’s not an inherently malicious move, but this is the equivalent of a bank teller bringing home millions of dollars in a duffel bag so they can count it at home. It does not matter how safely locked your vault is if the person with the key is bringing it to an unsecured location anyway.


Data loss prevention is one of the most important security upgrades that a company should get. Prevention is the best cure, and the same is true for computers as it is for human beings. Curing a virus is much more costly than simply not getting sick in the first place.

One only needs to look at all the worst malware attacks to see how much it can cost a business. If you are uncertain of your company’s data security, ask your IT team what can be done. Get them to curate the best DLP tools on the market for your company’s size and budget. 

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