4 Tech Industries Still Growing in 2020

4 Tech Industries Still Growing in 2020

Tech Industries Still Growing In 2020

Every year, technology becomes increasingly advanced, and 2020 is no exception. Many tech industries are thriving in today’s world since technology is changing everything from how people shop to how they visit a doctor or dentist. Soon the world will be different than anything anyone has ever experienced. That being said, here are four of the tech industries still growing in 2020.

3D Printing

One aspect of technology that is seeing a surge in popularity is 3D printing. This is the process of creating tangible objects without the need for a manufacturing plant to do so. Virtually any business can purchase a 3D printer and produce tools, automobile and computer parts, and much more.

The reason for the rise in popularity is that this printing method helps businesses of all sizes save money and time by producing their own products. It also allows businesses to keep their levels of stock under control as 3D objects can be printed as needed.

Personalized Medicine

Technology has also greatly improved the health care industry. Personalized medicine is the newest way to treat each patient on an individual basis. It allows doctors to tailor treatment to a patient’s specific needs. Since no two patients are exactly alike, great strides are being made in the medical community.

Some of the conditions that are already being treated using personalized medicine include heart disease, diabetes, many cancers, and Alzheimer’s. The technology makes it easier for doctors to complete the genetic mapping of each of their patients.

Mobile Phone Repair

In the past, mobile phone owners would often have to go hours or even days without their devices due to necessary repairs. As technology has improved, and the smartphone has taken over, repairs can now be completed quicker than ever before. Where it previously took an extended period of time, many smartphones can now be repaired in minutes.

Due to this decreased repair time, the mobile phone repair industry is worth billions of dollars per year. It is easy to find a smartphone repair service almost anywhere. While most providers offer repair services, there are other businesses dedicated solely to the repair of mobile phones.

Computer Vision

Computers can now complete tasks that, previously, only humans could do. This is the driving force behind smart cars. Computer vision automates countless activities that are performed by people every single day. It is currently being used in convenience stores, driverless cars, medical diagnostics, and more! Using AI technology, computers are taught to analyze images for patterns in image coloring. This powerful technology will soon work its way into even more industries. As of right now, its full potential is just being realized.

These are just a few of the technology industries that are changing the way the world runs. Many more are being created on an ongoing basis.

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