3 Key Regulations Every eCommerce Business Need To Be Aware Of

3 Key Regulations Every eCommerce Business Need To Be Aware Of

For businesses around the world and throughout the corporate market, there are rules, regulations, and laws that need to be complied with. Non-compliance costs around 3 times more than the cost of implementing relevant procedures and adapting to regulations, so businesses need to focus on compliance where possible. That means understanding the relevant regulations that your business is governed by and how they affect your organization.

Every region and niche has specific regulations that it needs to be aware of and comply with, and business leaders in every market have to work hard to stay on top of these regulations and their ever-evolving stipulations. To help American eCommerce business owners to improve compliance, we’ve put together a list of key regulations that you need to be aware of and comply with.

Nacha ( National Automated Clearing House Association )

Nacha, which stands for the National Automated Clearing House Association, regulates the automated clearing house (ACH) payments sector. Businesses that take ACH payments, even if they’re through a third-party tool, need to be aware of and compliant with the Nacha rules. These rules are vital for fraud prevention, as they help businesses to verify accounts quickly and accurately, which is a vital part of processing ACH transactions.

Data Protection

Keeping customer information, such as payment details and contact information, safe is a core part of running an eCommerce business. Cybersecurity breaches can potentially ruin your reputation and put you at risk of non-compliance with data protection legislation. Data protection rules vary by state, and each region has its own guidelines, so you need to research the areas in that you are operating to ensure that you are always compliant. If you sell internationally to countries in the European Union, then you also need to be aware of the region’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

FTC Privacy Laws

While some online privacy laws vary from state to state, the ones set down by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) apply to every digital business in the United States. The FTC has several privacy policies depending on what services a business provides and what data it uses. One of the most significant rules for eCommerce businesses that the FTC lays down is that businesses need to have clear privacy policies for customers and that they abide by them. So, your business needs to make sure that it has a privacy policy in place and that all staff is aware of how to enforce it.


Key Regulations Every eCommerce Business Need To Be Aware Of

American eCommerce businesses are governed by a range of rules, and some of these depend on the types of products that the company sells. For example, pharmaceutical or food eCommerce firms are governed by additional regulation, particularly when it comes to distributing products to consumers. Also, regulations vary depending on the state where the seller and buyer are based. This article offers a brief overview of some of the main legislation that governs most eCommerce businesses in the USA, but you need to conduct your own research into your specific niche and region. You also need to stay informed about the latest developments, as new legislation and governance are released regularly.

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