10 Benefits of Using a Temp Agency For Construction Workers

10 Benefits of Using a Temp Agency For Construction Workers

Every construction company needs skilled full-time employees to keep its operations running smoothly. Permanent employees are the backbone of your organization. They ensure that everyday tasks and projects run smoothly and according to schedule. However, fluctuations in demand for your business’s services can necessitate hiring contingent or “temp” workers

Adding temporary workers to your workforce gives you access to workers with skills you may need for specific, short-term tasks and projects. Plus, it may help you to save money during times when business is slow. Using temporary workers also gives you the ability to hire as many extra workers as you need when demand is high or when clients are pressuring you to finish projects on extremely tight deadlines.

Using a construction temp agency to source temporary construction labor will help to ensure that you find the right workers for any given project where you need assistance. Temp agencies are qualified to find skilled, accredited, and experienced workers looking for temporary work with reputable businesses. 

Here’s what you should know about using a temp agency to find construction workers for your company.


Why are Temporary Jobs Required in Construction Works?

There are two main categories of construction work: permanent site and temporary site. 

Permanent site work is required for the entire lifespan of a structure or project. 

Temporary site work requires temp workers who are only needed to perform specific tasks, such as constructing a temporary sheet pile wall to withstand soil displacement during construction.

There is usually a wide range of temporary tasks required on construction sites. These tasks will vary from one project to the next, according to the type of structure you’re building, the topography of the construction site, the presence of vegetation, ponds, and groundwater, and more.

Critical examples of temporary site works include the filling of low areas, excavation, and soil compaction. Along with site clearing, workers may need to remove unneeded utilities, install temporary water, power, or gas supply, and add temporary drainage or paving to a site.

What Does a Construction Temp Agency Do?

A construction temp agency recruits candidates to fill job openings on employers’ teams on behalf of their clients. Their work also assists candidates in finding career opportunities that fit their level of accreditation, expertise, and experience.

Staffing agencies generally fill full-time, part-time, temporary, contract to hire, and direct hire positions. But a construction temp agency focuses exclusively on temporary work. 

They check applicants’ resumes and references, shortlist candidates, schedule and conduct initial interviews, and place candidates with construction companies. Hired candidates are technically employees of the staffing agency that work under the direction of the employer.

The Benefits of Using a Construction Temp Agency to Hire Temp Workers

Did you know that there are more than 42 million temporary workers in the US alone? There is a massive pool of skilled employees to choose from in today’s workforce. It includes plenty of temp workers and managers who are ready to get started. 

Here are the benefits of using a construction temp agency to find and hire workers for your next project.

1. Quicker Hiring

When you need additional help on-site, finding the right temp workers manually can take weeks or even months. Using a temp agency ensures that you can have new workers sent to the job site within days. There’s no need to wait, post multiple ads, interview dozens of candidates, and spend countless hours training up recruits. 


Temp agencies do all of this work for you, eliminating the time-consuming task of training employees for specific industries such as yours.

2. Minimized Hiring Costs

Hiring temp workers for temporary work can cost your business, especially if you have to spend weeks searching for the right person. An agency will provide you with temporary labor while giving you a chance to trial the new employee. 

The process ensures that the work gets done and gives your construction business a chance to assess whether the recruit is qualified for their role. If they are, you could consider offering them a longer-term position. If not, you can always request that another temp worker be sent to your site instead.

When you bring on temp workers, they will clearly understand that their role will only last for the duration of a specific project or season. It ensures no misunderstandings or conflicts occur when they’ve completed projects. It makes hiring for any given job more straightforward and cost-effective. Instead of paying full-time workers a complete salary with full benefits, you can pay temporary workers reasonable rates with reduced benefits, thereby saving your business even more on payroll expenses and overtime costs. It’s a win-win for your bottom line. 

3. Access to Specialized Skill Sets

Many temporary construction workers have unique expertise in their trades. It makes them an excellent fit for construction companies that need seasoned tradespeople for short-term work. Hiring an agency makes finding and hiring talented people easier without committing to an expensive long-term dent in your payroll.

Additionally, you may stand to gain extra benefits by sourcing temporary workers with specialized training and specific equipment. Instead of spending thousands of dollars sourcing the expertise you need or buying tools outright, you can save time and money. Hiring a temp worker ensures that you benefit from the skills and equipment you need without the financial risks.

4. Access to Fresh Pools of Workers

If you’re experiencing an upswing in demand, you will need additional staff to keep up with all the new projects rolling in. The upside is that you no longer have to turn down new projects because you don’t have enough permanent staff to take care of them. Temp agencies always have access to new pools of qualified workers who can fulfill your staffing needs as and when they arise. 

Hiring from a wide range of workers will also give your business access to a broader skillset. It will help you ensure that operations remain competitive, regardless of the industries in which you operate. 

5. Fewer Safety and Training Worries

A good construction temp agency will provide safety training for each temporary employee before stepping foot on a construction site. The temp agency ensures that workers can handle jobs that could be hazardous or highly specialized. 

This process saves your business time and money, as you won’t need to train candidates on the basics before they start work. Employees hired through temp agencies arrive with all the training and skills they need to perform their jobs safely and effectively at all times, though you’ll still need to acquaint them with your site. It reduces stress and strain on your construction managers, allowing them to hit the ground running. 

6. More Flexible Staffing Plans

Many construction temp agencies offer flexible staffing plans that benefit you. They enable you to hire precisely who you need when you need them. The demand for construction work is constantly fluctuating. Therefore, it’s hugely advantageous to access workers who can work on-site during busy seasons and times of crisis. 

Agencies will transform fixed labor expenses into variable costs. It will improve your business’s cash flow and minimize shortages when times are tough. It essentially eliminates, or at least reduces, the stresses often associated with downtime. 

7. Fewer Hiring Errors

Hiring errors can be frustrating, expensive, and can seriously delay your progress on construction projects. Temp agencies alleviate this burden by finding qualified people for the positions you need to fill. 

Using an agency ensures that you can reduce the risk of hiring new employees, especially if they aren’t a good fit for your business.

8. Higher labor Productivity and Revenues

Hiring temp workers will allow your business to boost the productivity of its construction sites, complete projects faster, and improve its bottom line. 

Using a temp agency to source temporary construction labor ensures that the hired workers are thoroughly trained, ready, and able to work. It prevents project delays and the costs and penalties that come with them. If you find your project in a crisis, you can also have a new worker sent to your site almost immediately if you choose your temp agency wisely. Utilizing skilled labor when you need it ensures the job is done right from day one. 

9. More Satisfied Full-Time Employees

If you are looking to keep your full-time workers happy on the job, temp agencies are a no-brainer. According to the DP Workforce Vitality Index report and Forbes, the primary reason why top construction employees quit is because of being overworked. 

You can save your business time, money, and strain by using temp workers to support your full-time staff during peak seasons and busy times. Hiring seasonal workers will also help reduce overtime burdens on your permanent staff, keeping your payroll and overtime costs as low as possible.

10. Quicker Project and Workforce Scaling

Every construction project is different, and each one has its own demands and requirements. Instead of always having too many or too few full-time workers on standby, hiring temporary staff to work on larger or more urgent projects will ensure that you can always meet your clients’ deadlines with ease. 


When providing work estimates or evaluating a potential construction project, consider the type of work that needs doing and whether or not your current workforce can handle it. If not, a construction temp agency can provide you with the extra assistance you need.

Start Working Smarter, and Harder

Temp workers can help keep your full-time employees from becoming overworked and help you rapidly scale your business, your projects, and your crew. Hiring through a temp agency will give you access to specialized skills and experts. It provides an additional means by which to find potential hires that suit your purposes. Temp agencies create more opportunities for you and your business growth.


Benefits of Using a Temp Agency For Construction Workers

Better still, you can use a staffing agency to recruit for temp-to-hire positions. It gives temporary workers a chance to audition to become full-time employees at your company. All while still enabling you to benefit from their labor in the short term. This allows your business to assess talented workers and decide whether they would benefit your operations over the long haul. The benefits are endless. Take your construction agency to new heights, leaning on a temp agency to help you get there.

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